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We believe that everyone should have access to essential life planning resources. LifeExec Advantage programs were created to provide easy access to affordable benefits. Taking care of critical health coverage, advance directives, and identity theft protection now will reduce your worries about the what-if's. Find true peace of mind by knowing that you and your family have protection during a life event.

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LifeExec Advantage includes discount programs for wellness, critical health, protection, and legal services for you and your family. All LifeExec Advantage programs protect the member, their spouse, and any dependents up to 26-years old. No extra cost. No hidden fees.

LifeExec Advantage benefits are accessed through LifeExec's Marketplace.

Advantage Wellness

LifeExec Advantage Wellness is a breakthrough in healthcare. This program was created with everyone in mind – because we believe that all people deserve affordable healthcare, regardless of age or pre-existing medical conditions.

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Advantage Protect

LifeExec Advantage Protect delivers the most complete protection across your life and financial wellness at an affordable rate. LifeExec Advantage Protect brings together a network of experts to steer you through financial and legal concerns.

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Advantage Mental Health

LifeExec Advantage Mental Health is a breakthrough in mental healthcare. Members can work with licensed therapists, have 24/7 access to on-call counselors, and receive discounts on prescription drugs and alternative medicine services.

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How It Works

The LifeExec Advantage collection of programs covers the member, their spouse, and their children (under age 26). No extra cost. No hidden fees. Keep your entire family protected and healthy with LifeExec Advantage.

90% of businesses do not qualify for essential benefits. Even when they do, the benefits often cost more than the company and its employees can afford. LifeExec is working with top benefits providers to release breakthrough benefits programs. We believe that everyone should qualify, and everyone should be able to afford it.

LifeExec's mission is to help others protect what matters most. We accomplish this by building innovative programs that allow people to successfully meet the myriad of challenges that life presents. Simply put, we make life planning easy and affordable. LifeExec is the only program in the world that puts critical information and benefits in the hands of our members and their key contacts during a major life event. Our best-in-class technology ensures that your life plan information is safe, secure, and available to you and your family members the moment you need it.
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