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LifeExec Advantage Protect is a combination of programs that deliver the most complete protection across your work life, home life, and financial wellness - at any stage of life - at an affordable rate. LifeExec Advantage Protect brings together a professional network of experts to steer you through tax, financial, and legal concerns. LifeExec Advantage Protect monitors your credit 24/7 and alerts you to any fraudulent activity. Our roadside assistance and global travel protection programs can get you out of a crisis wherever you get stuck. LifeExec Advantage Protect includes only best-in-class programs used by millions of people every day.

Did you know that only 42 percent of adults in the U.S. have estate planning documents, like a will or living trust, in place? Many people start to feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to draft, store, and utilize critical estate planning documents. LifeExec Advantage Protect is a combination of programs that deliver the most complete legal guidance and protection for your financial and estate planning needs - at any stage of life - at an affordable rate.

Program Includes the Following:

  • Identity Theft & Cyber Fraud Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Financial Counseling
  • Global Travel Protection
  • Tax Services - $0 Tax Returns
  • Legal Services by - $0 Legal Documents

LifeExec Advantage Protect Details

LifeExec Advantage Protect covers the Advantage Protect member, their spouse, and dependents up to 26-years old.

LifeExec Advantage Protect provides you and your family with a simple will, living will, tax return preparation, legal service consultations, credit monitoring, and more. Saving you hundreds of dollars.

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LifeExec Advantage Protect $29.95/month

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