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LifeExec has reimagined employee benefit programs to solve many of today’s problems, helping businesses and their employees thrive. LifeExec’s mission is to help everyone protect what matters most. We live up to our mission by giving enrolled companies and their employee's FREE access to our top-rated lifesaving application.

Innovative Benefits That Let Companies Shine

90% of businesses do not qualify for essential benefits. Even when they do, the benefits often cost more than the company and its employees can afford. LifeExec is working with top benefits providers to release breakthrough benefits programs. We believe that everyone should qualify, and everyone should be able to afford it.


LifeExec benefits cover everything necessary for life: health, wellness, accident, legal, mental health, travel, cyber, and so much more.


LifeExec benefits are available for companies of any size. All employees qualify, regardless of status, age, or pre-existing conditions.


LifeExec can fully equip employees with 20+ essential benefits for less than $50 per month. Update employee benefits in your own portal.


Employer’s choice: sponsor these affordable benefit programs for employees, offer them as 100% voluntary contributions, or share the cost.

Your LifeExec Solution

LifeExec provides all the resources your company and employees need to administer benefits at no cost. Enrolled companies receive a branded registration portal, employee management account, and onboarding account. Employees receive our #1 lifesaving application, life planning guides, and the LifeExec Advantage Prepared benefit program.

of job seekers want protection based benefits.

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