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LifeExec's secure life management software is designed to store your important information and create tailor-made plans that keep your closest contacts informed during any life event. When you join LifeExec, you get instant access to the best life planning resources on the market, including benefits and legal documents. Voted #1 lifesaving application, LifeExec protects what matters most.

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Voted #1 Lifesaving Application

Essential Resources When You Need Them

Access the information, benefits, legal documents, and resources you need, right when you need them.

Strategic Organization System

LifeExec safely stores your information in the world's most secure vaults.

Most Powerful Info-Sharing Application

Share critical information with trusted contacts during any life event, from wherever you are.

Crafted with Experts. Built by Experiences.

LifeExec emerged from chaos and concern. After personally experiencing life-changing moments, we knew there had to be a better way to store and share critical information – so we created one. It became our mission to help other people protect what matters most in their own lives.

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Build Your Life Vault With LifeExec

  • Passwords
  • Contacts
  • Assets
  • Messages
  • Policies
  • Legal Docs
  • Instructions
  • And More

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You're Okay No Matter What

LifeExec is the only technology in the world that ensures loved ones have access to policies, passwords, benefits, and more even when the account owner is incapacitated or has passed away.

  • Patented Secure Sharing

    LifeExec's patented event-based communication technology distributes instructions and documents to trusted contacts when triggered by a life event. Select friends, family, or advisors to be notified in specific circumstances, and rest assured they will receive vital information to better meet your needs.

  • Trusted Contacts

    Create a list of individuals you would want to contact in case of a major life event. This may include family members, close friends, your attorney, financial planner, estate planner, insurance agent, financial advisor and/or business associates. It would be wise to consider anyone who might provide assistance during a life event.

  • Secure Accounts

    LifeExec ensures that only the trusted contacts you have selected receive information from your account. We employ secure message viewers that encrypt your data and keep it safe at all times..

1 in 3 Life Insurance Policies Goes Unclaimed

Protect your investment and don't risk missing out on benefits. LifeExec will alert your beneficiaries of the existence of any life insurance policies you own and how to claim them.

35% Increase in Natural Disasters

Recover faster from natural disasters. Insurance policies and asset records can be stored securely in your LifeExec vaults, where there’s no risk of damage from floods or fire.

1 in 5 people Visit the ER Each Year

Time is often of the essence during a medical emergency. LifeExec lets you store and send medical history, insurance policies, and advance directives to designated contacts in the event of an emergency.

36% of Vacations Are Cancelled Due to Trip Overwhelm

Don’t skip the beach because the prospect of leaving home is overwhelming. Set instructions for home care, child/pet care, and work to go out automatically your departure.

LifeExec Marketplace Membership

The LifeExec Marketplace makes it easy to fill your LifeExec Vault with everything it takes to be prepared for anything. Every LifeExec member has access to LifeExec’s Marketplace, where amazing and affordable benefit bundles can be purchased and then stored in a LifeExec account.

All LifeExec Members gain access to LifeExec Advantage Prepared at no-cost. LifeExec Advantage Prepared includes:

  • Blueprint for Life Education
  • Medical History Form
  • Disaster Evacuation Plan
  • Child, Home, Pet Care Plan
  • Home Inventory
  • Life Planning Gap Analysis
LifeExec Advantage Wellness

Best-in-class programs used by millions of people. Telemedicine, dental, vision, acupuncture, massage therapy, and more from +200,000 providers you know and trust.

LifeExec Advantage Mental Health

Work with licensed therapists, have 24/7 access to on-call counselors and receive discounts on prescription drugs and alternative medicine services. LifeExec Advantage Mental Health includes best-in-class programs used by millions of people every day.

LifeExec Advantage Protect

Helps you navigate through tax, financial, and legal concerns. Includes free Living Will, free annual tax returns, free credit report and more.

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