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About LifeExec

Use LifeExec to organize important information in a single secure location. Build communication plans that are ready to deploy during any life event. LifeExec can help you and your loved ones prepare for accidents, death, travel, and more.

Quick Access Dashboard

LifeExec is easy to use. With a touch of a button, create Life Plans and review stored data quickly and easily.

Secure Document Vault

Store critical documents like insurance, wills, and IDs securely with the highest level of encryption and online security, protecting you and your family from home disaster, accident, or death.

Password Vault

Maintain a secure record of your passwords for personal use and give family members access to your accounts in an emergency.

Asset Vault

Create a record of your home assets, automobiles, and valuables as an safeguard for fire, flood, theft, or disaster.

Life Planning Made Easy

LifeExec Life Planners are one of the best resources for creating a successful life plan.

Launch Plans

1. Download (Free)

LifeExec Life Planners contain everything you need to create a comprehensive life plan.

Launch Plans

2. Document

Compile and record important information like insurance, contacts, investments, and more.

Launch Plans

3. Upload

Life Planners auto-populate your account so building communication plans is easy.

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Communicate with Life Plans

Communicate with Life Plans

Create plans to handle any life event. It’s simple and secure.

  • Create Instructions

    Create Instructions

    Create instructions for your contacts to communicate what actions to take during a life event.
  • Build Plans for Specific Events

    Build Plans for Specific Events

    Identify the documents, assets, and passwords loved ones can manage if you’re unable.
  • Launch Plans

    Launch Plans

    Start plans manually right away, launch them on a specific date, or allow members of your inner circle to trigger them for you.
  • Distribute Information

    Distribute Information

    Provide access to other critical life information (such as documents, assets, and passwords) to individual contacts as needed.

LifeExec is recommended by leading wealth managers, insurance agents, and estate planners

Build a Complete Life Plan in 20 Minutes a Month

Build a Complete Life Plan in JUST 20 Minutes a Month

LifeExec sends you quick exercises that you prepare for every life event:

  • Accident Planning
  • Home Protection
  • Travel
  • Legacy Planning (End of Life)
  • Lifestyle Activities


$10 / month



  • 15GB Storage
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Unlimited Life Plans
  • Free Education
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Free Life Planner

LifeExec Is There When You Need It Most


LifeExec connects clients to their insurance agents faster during serious events so we can start working on their behalf at the touch of a button, resolving the issue more quickly and making the whole ordeal easier on them.

Jillian White, Independent Insurance Agent & Owner
Quality Insurance Group

LifeExec is powerful because it helps clients’ families avoid the ‘box scenario’: showing up with a box of papers after the death of a family member and trying to make sense of it. LifeExec should be a requirement for anyone putting together a legacy plan for loved ones.

Jeff Klein, Founder & Investment Manager
Klein Investment Strategies

My dad passing from Alzheimer’s was difficult on the whole family. Trying to figure out his estate afterwards was a challenge and strained some relationships. With the help of LifeExec, I’m documenting everything for Mom while we have time. LifeExec has been a great platform for her and us. Just wish I’d had it for Dad.

K. Brown
LifeExec customer

My husband recently passed away. What surprises you are all the little things you never consider. The (LifeExec) Life Planners help you organize everything and gives you a straightforward way to pass on your legacy to your loved ones.

Shirley Land
LifeExec customer

About LifeExec

LifeExec was born from our personal desire to protect those we care about by delivering important information during difficult times. We’ve been building enterprise security software for the past 15 years, and our products are deployed throughout the world, protecting the identities of 80 million people every year. We hope LifeExec provides our clients with peace-of-mind to live life to the fullest.