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At LifeExec, our mission is to empower individuals to safeguard what matters most. Through our innovative programs, we enable people to overcome life's diverse challenges with ease, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to secure their future effortlessly. With our comprehensive approach, we strive to bring peace of mind to all, ensuring a brighter and more secure tomorrow.

A Trusted Benefits Provider

LifeExec understands the importance of safeguarding what matters most to you, and we share your concerns. With our services, you can experience the benefits of worry-free protection against life's most unexpected events.

Gain peace of mind knowing that LifeExec has your back when it comes to protecting your loved ones, assets, and future. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to mitigate risks and provide a safety net during challenging times, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

We believe that true peace of mind comes from knowing that you have a reliable partner in navigating life's challenges. Our team of experts is dedicated to mitigating risks and providing a safety net during difficult times. By entrusting LifeExec with your protection needs, you can focus on what truly matters—cherishing moments with your family, pursuing your goals, and embracing life's adventures.

Rest assured that with LifeExec, you have a trusted ally committed to delivering exceptional services and unwavering support. We are passionate about ensuring your security and enabling you to face the future with confidence. Experience the difference that comprehensive protection and dedicated service can make in your life with LifeExec.

Wellness Plans

Our wellness plans are unparalleled when it comes to cost-effectiveness and the value they bring. By joining our programs, you not only gain access to essential wellness solutions but also unlock a myriad of benefits that enhance your daily life in numerous ways.

Peace of Mind

Our benefit plans provide you with an invaluable extra layer of financial protection, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to unexpected medical needs. Discover the unique benefit programs designed exclusively for you, offering comprehensive coverage and protection for the things that matter most in your life.

Add On Plans

Our add-on plans are designed to provide a safety net, ensuring that you are prepared for unforeseen healthcare expenses. These cost-effective additions ensures peace of mind when it comes to unexpected medical needs.

Quality Guaranty

LifeExec programs are not only trusted and highly reviewed but also designed to provide utmost satisfaction to our valued users. We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our services, which is why we offer a guarantee: if, for any reason, you find yourself unsatisfied with your monthly service, LifeExec is committed to providing a full refund.

Lead by Experts. Built by Experience.

LifeExec is headquartered in beautiful Bend, Oregon. The concept behind LifeExec came from the true life experiences of co-founders Ken York and Scott Mary.

In 2015, Ken climbed to the top of Mt. Rainier with an expedition team in the midst of an unexpected storm. At the summit, he was stunned to learn that two individuals on another team had died during the trek. Ken's thoughts turned to his wife and daughter and what they would do if he hadn't come home. Had he protected them enough? Was there a better way to do it?

Meanwhile, Scott's aging parents were concerned with end-of-life planning and ensuring the family had all the information they would need in the event of their passing. They also wanted to leave a lasting legacy. Scott was determined to provide them with peace of mind; he wanted them to rest assured that their affairs were in order so they could enjoy their final years with one less worry.

Ken and Scott's shared desire to protect and plan for their loved ones was the inspiration behind LifeExec. This powerful software solution eases the burden of unexpected and difficult situations and solves the problem of 1 in 3 life insurance policies going unclaimed each year. LifeExec offers a little more certainty in a world full of uncertainties.

Over the past few years, Scott and Ken have developed a strong interest in providing cost-effective benefits to their clients, as they believe in better support for their customers. This focus on improving customer care has become an essential part of LifeExec’s mission.

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At LifeExec, our mission—the passion that drives us day in and day out—is to help everyone protect what matters most. We accomplish our mission through innovative ideas and building communities of caring. Our application was voted the #1 lifesaving application of 2022. Our innovative benefits programs are being heralded as the most innovative change to healthcare in the last 40 years.

With 120 million Americans lacking insurance or being underinsured, we partner with leading carriers and service providers who share our vision to provide the best care to everyone. Our programs are used by millions of Americans, ensuring that they receive the support and protection they need.

At LifeExec, we're committed to making insurance and wellness accessible to everyone. Join our community today and help everyone protect what matters most.

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