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LifeExec's mission is to help others protect what matters most. We accomplish this by building innovative programs that allow people to successfully meet the myriad of challenges that life presents. Simply put, we make life planning easy.

Most Trusted Life Management Solution in The World

You're concerned about protecting what matters most, and so are we. LifeExec takes the worry out of life's most unexpected events.

Accident Planning

Send medical history, medical insurance, advance directives, instructions for home, child, and/or pet care, and work instructions to designated contacts in the event of an accident.

Home Protection

Recover faster from fire, flood, natural disasters, or theft with insurance policies and asset records stored securely in your LifeExec vaults.

Travel Planning

Record your driver's license, passport, and credit card information to safeguard against loss while traveling. Automatically send instructions for the care of home, children, pets, or work projects on your departure date.

Legacy Planning

Deliver your will, insurance policies, and burial instructions to family members and close advisors. Send personal goodbyes and memorial requests to friends and family.

Crafted by Experts. Built by Experience.

LifeExec is headquartered in beautiful Bend, Oregon. The concept behind LifeExec came from the true life experiences of co-founders Ken York and Scott Mary.

In 2015, Ken climbed to the top of Mt. Rainier with an expedition team in the midst of an unexpected storm. At the summit, he was stunned to learn that two individuals on another team had died during the trek. Ken's thoughts turned to his wife and daughter and what they would do if he hadn't come home. Had he protected them enough? Was there a better way to do it?

Meanwhile, Scott's aging parents were concerned with end-of-life planning and ensuring the family had all the information they would need in the event of their passing. They also wanted to leave a lasting legacy. Scott was determined to provide them with peace of mind; he wanted them to rest assured that their affairs were in order so they could enjoy their final years with one less worry.

Ken and Scott's shared desire to protect and plan for their loved ones was the inspiration behind LifeExec. This powerful software solution eases the burden of unexpected and difficult situations and solves the problem of 1 in 3 life insurance policies going unclaimed each year. LifeExec offers a little more certainty in a world full of uncertainties.

With more than 15 years of experience building enterprise software, the LifeExec team has developed and deployed the most secure life planning program on the planet. We now serve more than 80 million people each year. Join the movement to protect your people.

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Best In Class Security

With LifeExec, your legacy is safer than ever. Our experts have 15 years of experience in enterprise security software. With the highest level of encryption and our patented online storage security, your important documents are stored safely in the LifeExec vault. The information you need will always be at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime, without fear of being compromised. Our products have already been employed to protect the identity of 80 million people worldwide.

storage in a convenient, one-stop location, protecting you and your family in times of need. When a disaster, accident, or death occurs, LifeExec is there to ease the burden by making critical information available. LifeExec is life planning done right.

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