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Complete Health and Wellness Package

LifeExec Advantage Wellness is a breakthrough in healthcare benefits. This program was created with everyone in mind - because we believe that all people deserve affordable healthcare, regardless of age or pre-existing medical conditions. Now you too can receive quality care when and where you need it. LifeExec Advantage Wellness includes best-in-class programs used by millions of people every day. Members get access to dental, vision, and prescription drugs from providers they know and trust.

1 in 5 Americans can't afford healthcare. Healthcare costs are rising steadily and have become increasingly out of reach, leaving many Americans without the care they need. LifeExec Advantage Wellness includes best-in-class programs used by millions of people every day. Members have access to 10 health benefits from providers they know and trust.

Program Highlights:

  • Telemedicine - $0 Visit Fee
  • Dental by Aetna
  • Vision by Coast-to-Coast Vision
  • Pharmaceuticals by Rx Valet
  • Preventative Services
  • This program is offered as a family plan. All benefits include the member, spouse/partner, and all dependents up to 26 years old.

LifeExec Advantage Wellness $29.95/month

Here's a comprehensive list of the Advantage Wellness benefits available to you.

Details Provider
  • 24x7 Virtual Doctors
  • $0 Visit Fee
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Wait time averages 3-10 minutes
  • My Teledoc
  • 262,000 Dentists Nationwide
  • Discounted Cleanings, Fillings, Root Canal
  • Orthodontics and Periodontics
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Average cleaning cost: $34
  • Average filling cost: $28
  • Aetna Dental Access
  • Eye Exams
  • 10-30% Discounts on Eyewear & Contacts
  • 10-30% Discount on LASIK
  • Coast-to-Coast
  • 60,000 Pharmacies Nationwide
  • Save up to 85% on prescriptions
  • Includes mail order services
  • NB Pharmacy Solutions
  • Discounted Labs
  • 1,500 Labs Nationwide
  • Provided by MyBenefitsLabs
Diabetic Supplies
  • Discounted Diabetic Supplies
  • Global Total Health

This program includes multiple providers. Review participan providers disclaimers here

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Downloading our brochure, which allows you to view comprehensive information, check out a breakdown of each benefit, look up providers, calculate savings, and access additional valuable resources.

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