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While we can’t always foresee life’s biggest events, we can certainly prepare for them. The first step? LifeExec. With LifeExec, we make planning easy. With quick, easy-to-follow guides and gap analysis planning, you’ll create your complete life plan with no guesswork. Say goodbye to hindsight and start planning with LifeExec.

Life Management Solution

Say goodbye to the junk drawer full of forms and files, and say hello to LifeExec. With LifeExec, there's no need for guesswork. Follow our simple, guided process to discover the missing pieces in your personal life plan. Then complete the puzzle with customizable resources available through the LifeExec platform and our comprehensive marketplace. Safely store your information and share as needed.

Strategic Organization System

LifeExec strategically organizes information, so you can always find just what you're looking for without hassle or frustration.

Exclusive Benefits Marketplace

LifeExec gives you access to our exclusive marketplace, a convenient one-stop shop for all the add-ons you need to complete your life plan.

Patented Info-Sharing App

Share critical information with trusted contacts during any emergency or planned life event, with the click of one button.

Your Life - Organized

We've created a process that guides you through organizing important life documents, assets, passwords, and contacts in a strategic way. Your information is saved in a single and secure online vault, making it accessible to you and your trusted contacts anytime, anywhere.

  • Home Responsibilities
  • Lost Wallet & Phone
  • Medical Emergency Plan
  • Natural Disaster Plan
  • Insurance Policies
  • Childcare Plan
  • Business Continuance Plan
  • Legacy Plan
  • Key Contacts
  • Cyber Security
  • Tax Returns
  • Real Estate
  • Petcare
  • Identifications
  • And More

Strategic Organization System

LifeExec provides a guided process to assist you in organizing all of your most important life documents, assets, passwords, and contacts in a strategic way. All items will be saved in a single and secure online vault, making information accessible anytime, anywhere.

Upload PDFs, images, videos, and more to your LifeExec account. Simply create records of each document or account you have and its location. LifeExec takes that information and strategically organizes it on your behalf.

It's like having your own personal secretary. Set reminders to keep you on track. Birthdays and anniversaries, scheduled maintenance for home and car, expiration dates for passports and licenses, and more. You won't miss a thing.

Partnered with White Hat Security, Microsoft Azure, and McAfee, your data is safer than ever. With the highest level of encryption and our patented online storage security, your important documents are stored safely in the LifeExec vault. Available at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime, without fear of being compromised.

LifeExec $9.95/month

Exclusive Benefits Marketplace

When you join LifeExec, you get instant access to the best life planning resources on the market. LifeExec’s marketplace includes free lifesaving guides and checklists, cost-saving health and wellness benefits, and access to the legal documents you need to complete your life plan.

LifeExec ensures you know what critical items should absolutely be included your life plan. If something is missing from your current life plan, we direct you towards resources in our marketplace so you can quickly and conveniently add them to your account.

LifeExec offers more than 20 essential lifesaving documents with our Advantage Prepared bundle. Includes Blueprint for Life Education, Medical History Form, Disaster Evacuation Form, Child, Home, and Pet Care Plan, Home Inventory, and more.

Gain exclusive access to our advanced marketplace. LifeExec members receive discounts on wellness, mental health, and protection benefits. You can also purchase vital legal documents at an affordable rate. Low-cost life planning resources that cover your whole family.
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Patented Info-Sharing App

You've taken the time to carefully store your life planning information. How can you be sure that key contacts have access to it when they need it most? LifeExec's patented technology allows for communication with the click of a button, equipping others with the tools they need to help you through a life event.

Pre-determined contacts added by you can receive specific information that you select. They will never have direct access to your account and cannot add or delete information or documents.

Share home, pet, and childcare instructions when you travel.

Pre-populate a disaster plan in your LifeExec account. With the push of a button, you can communicate medical emergency, natural disaster, and accident plans.

Deliver your will, insurance policies, and burial instructions to family members and close advisors. Send personal goodbyes and memorial requests to friends and family.
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