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Critical Illness Coverage

LifeExec Advantage Critical coverage is a form of insurance that provides financial protection in the event of a critical illness diagnosis. This coverage is especially beneficial for individuals with pre-existing conditions like cancer, stroke, and heart attacks. In such cases, medical expenses can quickly pile up, leading to a significant financial burden. However, with LifeExec Advantage Critical coverage, policyholders can receive a lump sum payment of up to $15,000 to help cover these expenses.

The Advantage Critical Illness coverage is designed to give policyholders peace of mind by offering a safety net in case of a critical illness diagnosis. It is a type of insurance that is specifically focused on providing financial support for those who may experience a critical illness. This coverage is different from traditional health insurance policies, which typically only cover the cost of medical treatment. Advantage Critical Illness coverage provides a lump sum payment that can be used to cover medical expenses, as well as any other costs associated with a critical illness, such as lost income or additional childcare expenses. With LifeExec Advantage Critical coverage, individuals with pre-existing conditions can have the assurance of knowing that they are protected in case of a critical illness diagnosis.

Program Highlights:

  • Virtual Therapist - $0 Visit Fee
  • On-Demand Counseling - $0 Visit Fee
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Work/Life Services

LifeExec Critical Illness $29.95/month

Family Plan $59.95/month

Below are some common questions asked about Advantage Critical Illness coverage.

Anyone over age 38 and those with pre-existing conditions or a family history of heart disease or cancer should consider Advantage Critical Illness insurance.

Advantage Critical Illness distributes up to $15,000 in the event of a critical illness diagnosis.

The funds from Advantage Critical Illness can be used to pay for 2-3 years of a full health insurance policy from the exchange to cover major medical expenses.

No, Advantage Critical Illness insurance is not a substitute for health insurance. It only provides financial assistance in the event of a critical illness diagnosis and cannot cover all medical expenses.

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