LifeExec Announces Free Natural Disaster Preparedness Course to Public

July 21, 2021

Bend, OR – Today, wildfires are ravaging in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Colorado and more. The wildfires are impacting people without warning, forcing residents to wait for FEMA’s evacuation alert system to tell them how to respond. Due to the short notice, families are required to make life-changing decisions and evacuate their homes in 30-minutes or less. If people aren’t home, or their children are at school, one company, LifeExec, now allows its users to react and communicate quickly.

Natural disaster season is starting earlier each year and is predicted to last longer than ever in 2021. In addition to FEMA alert levels that notify people when to evacuate, the high desert-based team at LifeExec is also offering their Natural Disaster Preparedness Course for free. LifeExec’s Natural Disaster Preparedness Course allows people to further prepare for how to respond to natural disasters. The course is not only for anyone facing wildfires, but it’s also for anyone who may be impacted by any natural disaster.

“It’s not just about knowing the evacuation levels,” said Director of Marketing, Abby McCubbin, “it’s about knowing how to respond to natural disasters ahead of time.”

That’s exactly what McCubbin and her team promise their users, but this year is different. With natural disasters at a 36% increase per year, the team at LifeExec has decided to make resources completely free to the public.

“Our hope is that the one million people who evacuate their homes each year can now respond with forethought to any natural disaster,” said McCubbin.

LifeExec’s team has included FEMA evacuation levels in the course, disaster specific protocols for disasters like tornado, flood, and wildfire, and an essential supplies checklist. The 25-minute course also includes protocol on how families can get to safety and how to shelter in place. According to McCubbin, the evacuation checklist also includes meeting place locations families can decide on together and memorize for future use.

“Schools routinely go over evacuation meeting locations, but do families have this information and know how their children will respond, even if they’re at work?” McCubbin asked, “How would you and your family quickly communicate with each other if there was a Level 3 Alert?”

3 out of 4 people admit that they have no idea what to do during a natural disaster. McCubbin advised this is not the place you want to be when you only have minutes to make life-saving decisions. Now, with LifeExec, McCubbin’s hope is that all families will know how to respond to any disaster, getting their families to safety quickly, calmly, and efficiently. According to McCubbin, too many LifeExec users have found out that later is too late. McCubbin doesn’t want anyone else to feel unprepared and advises everyone take LifeExec’s free Natural Disaster Preparedness Course and get prepared today.

LifeExec is the first patented life preparedness company in the world. The company was created when co-founder, Ken York, had a near-death experience on Mt. Rainer and realized he had not communicated his legacy wishes to his family. With LifeExec, users can upload and share digital documents, passwords, and contact information, allowing them to respond with confidence to any life event, even a natural disaster.

For further information on LifeExec’s free natural disaster preparedness course, visit the course information website here:

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