Home Protection: documenting what matters

When you think about the real meaning of home, what comes to your mind?

The sweet moments you spend with your loved ones cooking a meal together in your big, beautiful kitchen? Maybe what crosses your mind is all those cozy evenings watching movies with your kids? Or even having your dog keeping you company while you wash your car and mow the grass on a Sunday morning?

When you lose everything due to an accident or a natural disaster, your first priority is to rebuild all the elements that made your house into a home. But what if you didn’t document things properly? What if the big TV that you purchased for family movie nights was not documented? What if the newly remodeled kitchen where you cooked last Thanksgiving dinner with your mother was lost for good? Getting your life together would be a lot harder.

It’s a nightmare scenario, but imagine losing almost every important document you would need to get your home and life back in order after a natural disaster.

With LifeExec, you create a digital footprint, ensuring your assets are well documented and can be easily replaced.  Learn more about how we can help you when it comes to home protection.

What is home protection?

Don’t wait for accidents to happen to have your house covered

Home security is not only protecting your house from burglaries – it’s also protecting it against a wide range of disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, fires and overall damage. When we talk about home security, we can address both the security hardware (That includes doors, locks, alarm systems, motion detectors, security cameras that are installed on a property)  as well as insurance that can help you get through a difficult time.

Overall,  home protection is  a series of initiatives you can adopt to protect your house in the worst case scenario. One of these initiatives is getting home insurance. Although specific plans provide for specific types of coverage, most operate in a similar manner and contain common verbiage:

  1. If something happens with your house – a flood, fire, or a natural disaster – the responsible – if available – calls the home warranty company.
  2. The provider fixes the problem. If an appliance is malfunctioning and cannot be repaired, depending on contract coverage, the home warranty company will pay to replace and install the appliance.

Because all plans differ, you will want to ask specifically what is covered.

Who is more likely to suffer from natural disasters?

What counts as a natural disaster?

Natural disasters range from hurricanes and tornadoes all the way to earthquakes, fires, floods, volcanoes, and droughts. Every time such a disaster happens, millions of people are affected. Some people may end up dead, severely injured, while others are left homeless and without shelter. Whenever a natural disaster takes place, billions of dollars are invested by not only the government, as well humanitarian agencies, that use extensive resources in order to help those affected.

Not even the most beautiful, beloved cities in the world are spared: recently, Venice, in Italy, saw more than 70 percent of the city get inundated as water levels rose over five feet above average. A total of 11 people died, and even the beautiful tile floor in Saint Mark’s Cathedral was horribly damaged as the basilica flooded. Besides the rain, seawater was also pushed into the city by the storm and exacerbated by high tides. Businesses, ancient houses, and hotels are now desperate with the damages.

Another destination, Barbuda, also lost its paradisiac fondness when Hurricane Irma struck her heels into the island, on September 2017, and devastated a 300-year-old civilization (as well as its homes and dreams).

Irma was furiously 378 miles wide when it descended and caused an estimated 95% damage in structures, also demanding 1,8 thousand people to evacuate their homes and look for safe places to shelter. It was the fifth strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.

tourists struggle to move around a flooded Venice

American States most commonly struck by disasters

In our country, the natural disasters of 2017 alone cost the Federal Government a record $306 billion worth of damages. Some areas in the US are more likely to be hit by a natural disaster. But don’t forget that not only natural disasters can destroy or damage your home: fires and other accidents could also cause great damage.

When it comes to natural disasters, Mother Nature doesn’t leave any state unscathed, but some are tested time and time again. These are the five states most frequently hit by them:



#1 state in natural disasters in the US

Has experienced more natural disasters in recent history than any other state

Usually suffers with tornadoes, floods, and fires

Major disasters since 1953: 86



#2 in natural disasters in the US

Fires, landslides, earthquakes, storms often cause major damage

Major disasters since 1953: 78



#3 in natural disasters in the US

Known as “tornado alley”, but since 2009, earthquakes have become a more common event


New York
#4 in natural disasters in the US

Usually hit by storms

Major disasters since 1953: 67



#5 in natural disasters in the US

Most common disasters: hurricanes

Major disasters since 1953: 65


Living in these areas or not, planning the future  for yourself and your family is really important. As important as taking good care of your health and enjoying your family moments to the fullest!

Is up to you to decide which accident plan meets your needs best and how can you make your home safer.

What documents do you need to store to protect your house?

Having a plan is the easiest way of making sure to get your home back as it once was when a disaster happens

The answer is simple: every important document you own.

Imagine the following scenario: while you and your family were out of town on vacation, a flood caused great damages to your neighborhood. Your house wasn’t spared – you lost most of the furniture, electronics, and the structure was damaged. Even one of your cars is now lost. Which documents would you need to rescue to make sure to get your home back as soon as possible? Which documents would be a terrible loss?

We all have our own way to store physical documents – a safe, a box on the top shelf, a special drawer. But you’ll only be truly safe when all of these documents are stored digitally as well – in a way that both you or a person you trust can have full access if necessary.

Do you have homeowners insurance? Or maybe a mortgage? Car documentation? All of your documentation is stored in a single secure location with LifeExec, as the company provides best in class security. The software is protected by Microsoft Azure, WhiteHat Security, and McAfee Security, so you’ll never need to worry about safety!

Here’s a list of documents you need to store to protect not only your house – but your legacy:

  • Tax return documents – That’s a tricky one. It’s important to keep these records safe but also easily accessible for when the need to revisit them occurs.  (keep the documents regarding the last seven years)
  • Leases / real estate documents – space leases, equipment leases, mortgage documents –  all of these are important.
  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates (always keep those)
  • Life, car, and home insurance policies (keep them for the full the length of the term)
  • Stock certificates and savings bonds (until maturity)
  • Estate-planning documents (you always should store those)

But how to store it all safely?

With a cloud-based application that registers information about your life that you and your loved ones might need to know: certificates, insurance policies, leases, and overall documents. Yes, we’re talking about LifeExec, of course. It offers a 15 GB Storage to keep documents safely uploaded.

Experts strongly suggest that your assets and possessions are well documented with photo journals of your home and videos that show the contents of each room. Make a new video every six months to ensure that you’re documenting any new purchases: TVs, computers, furniture.

LifeExec also provides Life Planner templates to handle any event with easy and educative instructions. You can easily download them and follow step by step.

Here is what you will get with your LifeExec subscription:

  • 15 GB Storage to keep documents safely uploaded.
  • Life Planner templates to handle any event with easy and educative instructions (you’ll need Office package installed to download and use them).
  • Your health and insurance information sent immediately in case of difficult situations.
  • Virtual cards with key information about finances, assets, and policies.
  • Adding and editing documents whenever you need to.
  • Free Education – learn step by step how to create plans.

LifeExec: life planning is easy.

Natural disasters can cause great damage and ruin even the most treasured family memories

Let’s face it:  you don’t need to wait for something bad happen to start planning your future.  LifeExec is an application that does it for you in a single secure location. Through an educative platform, it helps you to store valuable information that your loved ones would need to know in the case of a specific life event.

Do you want to start planning the next steps of life with LifeExec through a 30-day risk-free trial that is actually free? Click here and start right now!

Here is how it works

If you could predict the future, how would you gather all the information that is relevant for yourself (and your family) like life plans, personal documents, house, car, or medical insurance, and even heritage, in one single device?

You have already learned which documents you need to make sure your house is protected. But beside making sure you have security systems, insurances, and a will, you also have to make sure that these documents, passwords, and important information are safe and somehow accessible to people you trust.

Life is unpredictable, but your plans regarding your home don’t have to be. That is why LifeExec was created : whenever a robbery, natural disaster, a fire, or even death happen, all the plans that you’ve made at the course of life can be safely stored in a single device. That includes passwords, wills, plans, testaments, important documents, and many others. That is the guarantee of peace of mind for you and your family in every single scenario.

LifeExec’s guarantee is to make sure the information that you want to share is delivered to your family or loved ones at the right time. The application provides easy life management with educative instructions to show you how life-planning is done.

The cloud-based application registers information about your life that your loved ones might need to know: life, home, and car insurance, wills, details of inheritance. This can all be documented easily and securely with LifeExec.

You can also notify contacts by text (SMS) or email, in case of an incident, and be prepared for any unpredictable event through a program that guides the users towards a comprehensive plan (legacy, accidents, home protection, travel or even death).

Join LifeExec today!

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