In the Peace of Mind Business

November 10, 2019

Without a conscience, it’s hard to say what we’d all do. The fact is, though, most of us do care about our clients, our community, family, and friends. It’s because we care that no matter if you’re selling insurance or financial services, you’re in the business of selling peace of mind.

If you peel back the layers to human motivation, beyond our needs for shelter, food, and companionship, we all need peace of mind. So much of our culture is built around attaining it. We think when we see someone who is a celebrity, or they’re rich, that they must have it. They’re living their best life, free from worry. Of course, we know that is never true, but you get the point. Peace of mind, fulfillment, and joy, go hand-in-hand.

No matter your business, even if you’re selling hot dogs from a cart, you’re selling some level of happiness. Now, if you don’t care about your product, and your hot dog cart is dirty, or your franks aren’t fresh, then you’re not selling happiness. In that case, you probably aren’t selling much at all! The same is true for insurance or wealth management. It’s because you care about your clients, that you sell products and services you believe in.

Greater peace of mind is possible

So there’s our business in a nutshell. You care about your clients, and by providing them with your best, you get your own peace of mind. Then, by delivering your best, your clients gain peace of mind, knowing that their retirement and beyond, are comfortable and their loved ones secure.

Having a financial plan, lucrative investments and a solid insurance portfolio are all great things. What I want to suggest is that there’s more to a person’s life. Greater peace of mind is possible. Your client’s lives are complicated. They have pets, Facebook accounts, clothes at the dry cleaner, and a clock that an ancestor carried on the Oregon Trail. A well thought out legacy plan can address those complexities and ease your client’s minds.

Good for your business and good for your peace of mind

LifeExec® offers an online and offline life management system for capturing and securing all of the pieces of your client’s life. Following an easy step-by-step process, they will find and obtain those records in one place, including their wishes and estate plans will be handled after they’re gone. The system is completely managed by LifeExec in our best-of-class secure environment. If you become our affiliate, your job is to show your clients how much you care about their personal wishes. It’s good for your business and good for your peace of mind.

If you are an Independent Insurance Agent or Wealth Manager, you should offer LifeExec to your clients. Click here to contact us and learn more about this opportunity.

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